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tv   News Weekly  RT  July 27, 2014 12:00am-12:16am EDT

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today's news on the week's top stories on r.t. international australian police arrive in dawn yet skin in east ukraine to investigate the crash of the malaysian airliner that killed all on board european observers say they've had full unhindered access to the. planes carrying the coffins of the remains of those who died in the mh seventeen plane crash have been arriving in the netherlands throughout the week as friends and relatives try to come to terms with their loss. reveals a satellite and radar data from the day of the crash posing some very tough questions to ukraine a washington keeps up allegations against moscow without presenting any solid
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evidence. and israel approves a new twenty four hour ceasefire lasting until midnight on sunday but says it will not abide by the truce until all soldiers are out of gaza. the headlines of the past week here on r.t. international welcome to the program i'm rule research i live in moscow it has been just over a week since a malaysian airliner crashed in east ukraine killing all two hundred ninety eight people on board the investigation is ongoing a group of australian federal police arrived in donetsk the center of resistance in eastern ukraine will join investigators already working at the crash site this week also saw the flight data recorder it's taken to the u.k. where experts are now also searching for clues about what happened to m h one seven
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zero s. c.e. observers have been working at the site of the tragedy for a week now they are saying so far they've had full cooperation from the local self-proclaimed with already. we didn't receive any instruction and as most of you solve we had a security cordon around us most of the time and we did visit the railway station twice our passage to the affected area was incredibly fast at the biggest sites in the afternoon the dutch forensic experts assessed the body recovery work on that site is good. and we again we had pretty good access today late afternoon around sixteen fifteen we arrived at an incident scene we had not yet visited. we noticed multiple pieces of debris there and also we noticed that the scene had not been guarded prior to our arrival. and flights carrying the body use of the mh seventeen victims have been arriving in the netherlands all
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throughout the week military cargo planes with two hundred twenty seven coffins touchdown eindhoven air base the king queen and prime minister joint friends and relatives at a ceremony on the first day of the national mourning to take place in the country since wartime and i'm saddam hundreds of people dressed in white marched through the city in memory of those who died and forensic experts are now identifying and determining the exact number of victims held in the coffins the first victim a dutch citizen has already been named and some unrecovered bodies do remain at the crash site as artie's peter all of an hour report the disaster has few parallels in recent history. i don't forward the public so. the people of iraq today pay tribute to a family and restored whose politics the very fabric of this family is so within the whole community would need a whole city so everybody knows someone here has been coming in aufidius show you
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what chips restaurant owners profiled in jenny low died in the crash along with these laws mother jones wait for only this kevin wasn't on the plate now he's left pick up the pieces you can imagine how big the law cease fire and his grandmother. who works in the restaurant also. hope you can manage to. go on like you spend state outside the asian gorge restaurant floral tributes iowa those who knew the farm and more with making the dead rist the national climate about investigating the tragedy the meeting is dark with the bodies returning said goodbye to their own the proper way ultimately what memorial service is like the one going on behind me show that even in its darkest hour the people of the netherlands are coming together to show that they stand as one peter all of a polity. and the first family of the victims has arrived at the crash site an
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australian couple came to pay tribute to their twenty five year old daughter who was on board the plane. first thing when you heard this he said how you should survive he said how do we survive if we promise al if we have promised our daughter we will come here but it actually is soon as possible does the time factor yeah he should have come here the minute it happened the next day this week the russian defense ministry presented its information on the plane crash publishing satellite images and radar tracking data from the day of the tragedy but ukraine and washington have still not revealed anything of their own and russia's deputy defense minister questioning the basis for the allegations against moscow and the ukrainian opposition we haven't received any answer from ukraine or from
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the police to really come into it on forcible causes for the disaster with more still there cormorants based on what you will from social media now the defense ministry says another aircraft was detected in the same flight path as the malaysian airliner russia's data suggests the second plane was a ukrainian military fighter jet that moscow wants to know what it was doing there and satellite images showed a ukrainian a surface to air missile launcher in the area just days before the crash the complex was an apparently moved to an unknown location on the very same day as the tragedy in the meantime the u.s. has been rolling out a barrage of accusations against russia washington claims moscow is supplying heavy weapons to the ukrainian opposition and is even firing across the border and the media has been pressing the u.s. government to reveal the solid basis for the allegations of washington simply cited classified intelligence social media sources and claims by the ukrainian government
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or some journalists are not exactly buying the story. i would like to know what you're basing this new evidence that the russians intend to send any heavier equipment on space science mentalities information i can't get into sources and methods behind it but i was able to be able to tell you that is there a youtube video or something that you could point to that it would narrow engines and i'm just wondering if you what what what it is i just said i wasn't going to give you the underlined source story needed you cited out of love in many ways it's not with you i surely don't give you more information just saying that i think making it a source not actually asking a question here my can't give you the source or method would you prefer i not give you the information theory i think that it would be best for all concerned here in the other question you know you make an allegation like that you're able to back it up with something more than just because i say so. now the mainstream media has been feeding off of the state department's accusations or both over the mh one
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seven crash in the violence in ukraine artie's guy nature can now looking at some of the more recent reports b.b.c. russian deleted an online report by their correspondent from eastern ukraine it was reported by olga if shaina who went to the site where ukrainian intelligence says rebels fired a missile at the malaysian airlines plane she took the photo showing the rising plume of smoke which the ukrainians intelligence service provided as evidence of where the missile was launched the reporter identified at least two other potential sources for such a plume in the area including a coal mine nearby she also asked a local us what they saw in the sky that day. there were two explosions in the sky with so how the plane broke apart with pieces falling everywhere and there were sometimes a military jet flying near everyone saw it yes everyone saw it flying the way to unload the presenter plane. we heard explosions in the sky and then the plane
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suddenly turned around changed its flight path and headed that way. when the video was taken off the site many internet users were keen to know why the b.b.c. said they were poor did not live up to the editorial values of b.b.c. . some journalists have taken sides to the point that when the ukrainian president said this ukrainian nation now are united we don't have any conflicts inside the queen and he was not picked up on it even as pictures and video pour in of the war raging in the country's east. the us media is once again taking aim at r t over what c.n.n. discussed as you the impact of russia's media machine for all the talk about propaganda which by definition is you know misinformation i would say russia's when it chris cuomo and r.t. spitta labelle became a you tube hit after a heated interview maybe you haven't been following it but the u.s.
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is actually coming out with a lot of its own intelligence are bad connects what happened i may seventeenth to the acts of russian militants and perhaps of the involvement of russia in either training equipping or maybe even a sister one one this is what a horrible operation friendly to atlanta are you talking about what what forensic evidence are you referring to. twitter very or release intelligence information about the trajectory no not twitter i do not think you know this is something to be flip about two hundred ninety eight people lost their lives let's now i point i want to say declaring is in there and really really trying to coming out very flip and dividing the narrative is being pushed in the media that clearly spells cold war to. the russian president is the fight on the covers of major magazines and newspapers is personality is the main focus of media attention. this news week article titled inside the bulletproof bubble of the west's public enemy number one
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begins by looking into what putin eats for breakfast c.n.n. draws a connection between devotion which as you know your photo editor church and the downing of the malaysian airliner and global outrage grew try to appear pious photographed praying at an orthodox church the russian president continuing his drumbeat blaming ukraine and its western backers the us no one should and no one has the right to use this tragedy to achieve their own selfish political goals these events should not divide united people by fixing its gaze on the russian president the media has excelled at what he does best acting this judge and jury and simplifying a complex situation by focusing on just one person. r t washington d.c. . an investigative reporter ben swan says the constant flow of allegations is actually leaving some in the west rather embarrassed we now see the ministration
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stepping back walking back some of these comments about the involvement of russia the administration saying we don't even know that the training happened in russia but again we're pretty sure we're not going to tell you who these sources are again they're all speaking anonymously but we're pretty sure this is all happening in russia again but not offering any evidence here's what we're going to see happen is the administration kind of gives this kind of soft explanation that they don't have evidence but with a nudge in the wink that says but we really know media picks up on that they'll begin to report a little bit and then within a few weeks we'll probably see that this becomes a non-story in many ways because it now no longer fits the narrative that the administration was hoping for and that media was hoping for and they'll move on to the next story. this week there were reports that the seventeen crash was affecting the private life blood of my daughter who lives with her partner in the netherlands although british tabloid the daily mirror was caught out for not checking its facts
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on friday's front page the paper published a couple of photo it said showed the russian president and his oldest daughter the story claiming she had fled her home but the woman next to putin naturally has no connection to him whatsoever she is in fact a lawyer who was working for russia's federal agency for youth affairs at the time the picture was taken. how she reacted to the blunder. it was a nice sunny day the president was walking on my left so i remember that day that photo was taken by chance in two thousand and eight someone posted it on the internet without checking the facts it's strange that now a media organisation with such a big name has decided to use it. still to come here and r.t. international reporter sent packing later we hear from the r.t. contributor in graine who was deported barred from the country this week part of the allegations of a national security. thanks for joining us here on r.t.
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international this morning i'm sure in the russian capital katie now with a breakdown of the latest business highlights of venture capital then we're back with more. technology innovation. developments around russia. the future covered. well if you're going to the market like. politics i just think you. should have you with us here on our t.v.
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today i roll researcher. a lot of focus back to counsel i'm capable of raising this week we'll be discussing the conflict between personal problems i do what his contract to russia plus saudi arabia is up the stock market the kind of loses its russian fits it going go sky high and to cap it when he talks about drugs to stay tuned to the details on all of . the e.u. is set to tall good state owned russian banks the measures will european investors from buying new debts or shaz all of these banks access to capital markets all and energy technology will likely feature in the new set of e.u. sanctions.


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